Our insurance services and products

For a simpler and more favourable insurance solution adapted to public and private enterprises.

  • Loss and liability insurance
    What could affect your business? Do you have the time and the expertise to set up the proper loss insurance solution for the business? Save time and feel secure! Use us to acquire access and expertise within the domain of risk and insurance advice. All businesses are concerned with risk management, control, and predictability. Norwegian Broker works closely together with its customers to assess risk and provide high-quality and qualified advice connected to risk management, loss prevention work, and insurance solutions. Our advice is based on a detailed risk analysis drawn up in collaboration with the business.

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  •  Employee insurance—we make insurance easy for you!
    We know what employee insurance your business should have and can help you to adapt the business’s insurance solutions. We provide you with insurance advice, broker, and put out to competitive tender tailored insurance packages at the most favourable possible price for your business: industrial injury insurance, leisure loss insurance, collective accident insurance, other illness insurance, group life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, critical illness insurance and sick pay insurance.

          CONTACT US: Johnny Andersen, telephone 90775167, email joan@norwegianbroker.no.

  •  Pension advice, use, and insurance brokerage
    We provide you with advice and broker the right and best possible pension scheme for your business’s employees. What pension scheme the business chooses can have a major impact on the individual employee! We know all about and provide you with advice concerning: defined contribution pension schemes, hybrid pension schemes, contractual pension schemes , supplementary pension schemes, disability pensions, and surviving dependent pensions.

         CONTACT US: Johny Andersen, telephone 90775167, email joan@norwegianbroker.no.

For security against unforeseen expenses in the event of sale and purchase or leasing out of property.

  • Change-in-ownership insurance
    This protects against claims by purchasers lodged in connection with the sale of property. Under the Property Transfer Act, you are responsible for concealed defects and deficiencies for a full 5 years after the transfer. If a person has taken out change-in-ownership insurance, it is the insurance company that handles all claims the vendor may receive from the purchaser. Change-in-ownership insurance covers price discounts, damages, and cancellation of the purchase up to the sale price of the property, limited to NOK 10 million.
    Change-in-ownership insurance is ordered through an estate agent, who provides you with a declaration form, which has to be filled out.

  • Property purchaser insurance
    With property purchaser insurance, you are in safe hands if you discover defects or deficiencies in the property you have bought. Our barristers and solicitors are specialists in property purchases and are ready to help you for five years after transfer, without you needing to worry about litigation costs. Property purchase insurance covers your own litigation costs and any you are ordered to pay by a court. It is taken out when you buy a property sold under the Property Transfer Act through an estate agent, at the latest on the occasion of the contract meeting.

  •  Property lease guarantees
    A safe and simple alternative to a deposit, which satisfies the lessor’s demand for security and which also gives rise to much lower disbursements for you when you

          Save time and money!
          Contact your lettings firm or us directly if you have questions or would like to receive an 

        Eirik Myrvang, Norwegian Broker, telephone 920 91 195, email:  

  •  Lease guarantees for commercial properties
    - Replace a deposit or bank guarantee for rent with a Commercial Lease Guarantee!
    The guarantee provides security in line with a bank guarantee.
    The business avoids having to tie up capital, which can be used for other purposes.
    The business avoids having to pledge the business’s property.

           Christian Solvær, Norwegian Broker:
           Telephone 930 91 370, email christian.solvar@norwegianbroker.no

Without proper boat insurance, the economic consequences can be serious if you have an accident. Not only can you become economically responsible for losses you have caused others but in some cases you also have to pay for damage to your own boat yourself if another boat is liable for the loss.

 We are a leading insurance broker and specialist in boat insurance for leisure craft. Boat insurance brokered by us provides you with unique terms and economic security for your boat investment. As an independent insurance broker, we negotiate the best offer at the right price for you—exactly what you need, neither more, nor less.

Contact our specialists in boats and boat insurance for a non-binding offer, on boat telephone 480 73 300, or by email on 02bat@norwegianbroker.no.


Brokerage of insurance for individual players, clubs, and associations (club, circle and sports association insurance, sports licences for sports associations, sports insurance for professionals, special insurance related to sport). Norwegian Broker runs the Sports Insurance Centre.

We arrange systems and solutions for our customers. We have established and run our own offer and policy systems both for the members for the NHO—the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise—and for Norwegian sport.

Telephone 02033, extension 4, email forsikring@02033.no

NHO Insurance is a pooled procurement service for members of the NHO.
Norwegian Broker handles all of the insurance policies of the NHO’s members and provides member businesses with advice and service.
CONTACT US on telephone number 23 08 85 30 or email us on post@nhoforsikring.no.