Norwegian Broker, one of the Nordic regions biggest insurance brokerage

Söderberg & Partners is one of Sweden’s biggest and fastest growing financial firms. In Norway, the company is the majority shareholder of the insurance advisor and insurance brokerage firm Norwegian Broker and Bafo Insurance brokerage. These  firms together form one of the Nordic region’s biggest insurance brokerage companies. Our clients are medium-sized and large businesses, organisations, and associations thereof in Norway and the Nordic region.

Norwegian Broker—insurance broker and insurance advisor
Norwegian Broker is an independent insurance advisor and insurance broker, which, together with our sister company Norwegian Claims Link, can provide our clients with significant added value through innovation, monitoring of risk circumstances, a strengthened negotiating position, and significantly expanded competition.

Bafo Forsikringsmegling
Bafo Forsikringsmegling AS is Norway’s leading insurance broker and advisor within the domain of member insurance for the affinity market. Its sister company Bafo Forsikrings AS is a growing multi-agency company.